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Conquering Chronic Illness Support

This is for people who live in Melbourne and Victoria and is a support group for people, family friends and carers for MECFS, Fibromyalgia, tick infections (Lyme) Mould, MCS EMF sensitivities and related conditions. It is for the people who belong to the face to face support groups run in Melbourne Victoria Australia and is the online support and inspiration for these people as well. It lists the upcoming events and is a place where we can discuss the events and treatment and other ideas to help cope and improve our conditions.

There are 2 separate groups One local in Melbourne for support (Conquering Chronic Illness Support) which has face to face cafe catchups and meetings PLUS one national and international article database Facebook group just called Conquering Chronic Illness anyone is welcome to join who has these range of illnesses.

“CCI is not a support group. It has been devised in Melbourne Australia so has an Australian bias of information. It is an article database for education, inspiration and help. The focus of the group is primarily Vector/tick-borne infections, (Lyme Disease) MECFS, Fibromyalgia, Mould/CIRS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) EMF sensitivities and the often close overlap these illnesses have and how genetics and epigenetics also play some role. It is a home for related health and coping articles that do not seem to live in more specific specialised topic groups or not allowed in support discussion groups.”

NOTE: 2 Facebook Groups: a local support group in Melbourne PLUS a National and International article database group anyone can join


Contact: Peter Owen

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