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Iowa Lyme Disease Association

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The Iowa Lyme Disease Association, officially established in 1997 and composed of teachers, counselors, naturalists, accountants, and government workers, all drawn together because Lyme Disease had made a drastic change in our lives. In 2010, we reorganized and added ED to our logo because we are now even more committed to educating Iowans about Lyme and how to prevent it.

If you have a question feel free to contact us and we will get back to you. We are available for talks and presentations.

Our purpose is to educate with the facts about Lyme disease, its diagnosis and treatment and to provide support for patients and others wanting more information. Our information is supported by credible research and we will keep you updated on any new research that pertains to Lyme disease.

Treatment options are listed and links provided so you can educate yourself and your physician about Lyme disease. Lyme knowledgeable doctors are few in Iowa We strongly support working and educating your treating physician. Links are provided to search for a Lyme literate doctor.

Lastly, we provide patient support and encourage interaction among patients and action by patients to support Lyme disease awareness.

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