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Buddy System for Lyme Patients – USA
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Welcome to the Buddy System for Lyme Patients group. If you have Lyme disease, we would love to be your friend on the other end. WE don’t want to have another suicide from Lyme. We are a loving group that wants to love up on you and have you love up on us. We call it the Buddy System.

If you want to have a buddy, please post your info so others can keep a loving eye on you. Please introduce yourself to the group. Tell us a little about you, your age, and where you live.

Once you are paired up with your buddies, you should exchange numbers amongst yourselves when you feel comfortable doing so. We will not make everyone’s numbers public on this page for privacy reasons. If you would like the admins to have your numbers, please send a private message to them. The admins are located under the FILE section of the Facebook page.

We will also be posting emergency contact numbers for Suicide Hotline, Crisis Numbers, etc. If you have a crisis number please let us know and we will add them to the list. We will be posting websites also with information that may be needed.

Rules/Recommendations: Even though this group is a closed group, that doesn’t always make it safe.

  • Please remember not to mention our doctor’s whole names for their protection. You may use initials and city/state info to identify them.
  • Whatever is typed in this room, or said on the phone, should stay there and not be spread to other groups or on personal pages.

Please follow the rules and recommendations or you will possibly be removed from this group. We are not doctors or professionally trained. We are just a group of people who suffer from the same diseases and are trying to help stop the rate of suicide amongst others like us.

*** If you are having thoughts of suicide and need professional help, please go to the files tab and call one of the numbers there or call 911. A nation suicide hotline number is (800) 273-8255

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