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Chronic Lyme Life – A Lyme Disease Support Community With No Filters
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This group is for Lyme Warriors.

I created this group when I was diagnosed because in the first few weeks of treatment I was told so many times I couldn’t ask that or say that in other groups. It made me feel more helpless.

I will not filter what people talk about, because it’s an open forum. The only rule is be respectful.

Rules are why we are not treated in the country. Rules and laws are keeping us confined to having Lyme.
For this reason I won’t delete your post, kick you out or block you because you are an intelligent person who is contributing to our community with a blog or a new group. Please share!

We support each other by learning new things every day. We will not judge you or tell you are wrong. We support your blog. We support your fundraisers.

You can talk about Horowitz, Paleo, Cowden, Jemsek and you if something you have found works. We have open discussion on alternative treatments, including CBD oil and Bee Venom therapy. The truth is Lyme is hard to treat and we are actually our best advocates and at times our best doctors.

We support You, your experiences and your ideas.

Please don’t be afraid to ask or share things. The name has been changed to show we allow you to post what you want because having Lyme sucks bad enough without other people telling us what we can and can’t say all the time. It was this type of open conversation that started my road to healing. I can only hope your healing journey is also unfiltered.

We ask you be kind and don’t use bad language. Enjoy warriors – this is your group!

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