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New Jersey Lyme Support Group

312 Hance Avenue
Tinton Falls, NJ

In-person meetings


This group was originally called NJ Lyme Seminar 2015. As a result of feedback received during and after the seminar, this group has been renamed and re-purposed as several people have expressed an interest in there being a local Lyme support group.

The group’s purpose is to provide positive, encouraging and supportive interactions with others dealing with Lyme and/or related coinfections. Any and all statement(s) provided by anyone are solely those of the individual providing such statement(s). NO MEDICAL ADVICE, OPINION, ETC. IS PROVIDED. SEE A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL FOR ANY AND EVERYTHING MEDICAL RELATED.

All interactions within the group are to be respectful and courteous. If someone has a opinion or perspective, please let’s respect that person’s right to their views even if we have a differing viewpoint.

This group has monthly meetings at the Church of Christ building located at 312 Hance Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ. There is no cost for anyone to attend and participate.

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