Presented by Dr. Bill Rawls and Tim Yarborough



• What are coinfections?

• Do you need to know which coinfection(s) you have in order seek treatment?

• What are the common ways to get coinfections? Anything other than ticks?



Watch a special Q&A webinar replay about Lyme disease coinfections. You've got questions, Dr. Rawls has answers. 

Dr. Bill Rawls is a former Lyme sufferer and author of the best-selling book Unlocking Lyme. The Ask Dr. Rawls webinar will be an engaging and interactive experience where Dr. Rawls answers questions submitted by webinar registrants.

"There are many opinions about how to treat Lyme disease. Being a medical doctor, having his own chronic Lyme infection and learning how to successfully treat the infection, Dr. Rawls is in a unique position to help others."

- Charlie A.

"Chronic Lyme is not understood by medical practitioners. I'm so lucky that there is someone like Dr. Rawls to offer advice and positive understanding of how one can get better. He is sympathetic to the cause of fighting for a healthy life and an example to us all."

- Sharon S.

Common and uncommon questions about Lyme disease coinfections are addressed, such as:


• Are there any herbs that will treat both Lyme and coinfections?

How long does it usually take to rid the body of Lyme and coinfections?

• How do we get active viruses to go dormant: EBV, HPV, HSP, etc.?