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Do most people remember a tick bite or bullseye rash? - 6:22

What are the odds of Lyme being sexually transmitted? - 10:54 - view article »

If you're pregnant with Lyme disease, will the baby have it? And what can I do for my baby? - 13:54 - view article »

Can you test negative for Lyme disease but still be positive? - 16:32 - view article »

When you can't get a positive test for Lyme, how else can doctors diagnose you with Lyme diease? - 21:32

How do you find a Lyme-literate doctor who can actually help you? - 22:13

What kinds of herbs and natural supplements can I use to help slow down lyme and make life a little more bearable? - 25:34

How do you know when to stop taking a protocol and go to maintenance? - 29:31

Is it safe to take antibiotics with herbs? - 31:46

What should I expect during recovery on an herbal protocol? - 33:23

What are some things you can do to alleviate neurological symptoms? - 37:20 - view article »

What are some things you can do to alleviate cardiovascular symptoms? - 42:13 - view article »

What are some ways, in addition to herbs, that you can boost and balance your immune system? - 45:16

What are the ways bartonella affects Lyme disease, and how can you treat it? - 52:43 - view article »

Is there a certain order in which Lyme and coinfections should be treated? - 56:31 - view webinar replay »

What can be done to take care of candida? Can diet alone work, or do you have to take something in addition? - 1:04:24 - view article »

How can I overcome overwhelming fatigue? - 1:08:05 - view article »

How can I sleep again? Should I increase my melatonin dose? - 1:15:13 - view article »

I cannot seem to find a cure, and I feel sick every single day. Is there hope for recovery? - 1:21:29

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 A LIVE LYME Q&A  - No.5

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