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Duluth MN LDSG



902 Grandview Ave
Duluth, MN, 55812-1146

In-person meetings



Our LDSG was formed in 1988 by Barbara Jones RN,  all patients and family are welcome and it is free. During Covid Lock Down we meet the first Tuesday of each month at 6 PM CST, via ZOOM.
Contact Jessica Cavis for an invite on the day of the meeting.

We discuss all aspects of Tick-Borne-Illness and present as much as possible using vetted medical literature.and research.Our group promotes brain=pathology research to prove persistent infection with Borrelia species.

All meetings are free, no products are sold and there are no financial conflicts of interest with either products or services. Thomas Grier is connected to several researchers and has a medical background of research and experienced severe Neuro-Lyme misdiagnosed as MS.

In 1994 Tom did a MS patient antibiotic treatment study showing 30 % of MS in Lyme endemic MN counties were misdiagnosed and  the patients had Neuro-Lyme disease. in 1994 we could only check for B.burgdorferi, but now we can test for 7 species.


Thomas Grier/Jessica Cavis — Contact emails: rs_wpss_encode_strtomgrier@gmail.com//rs_wpss_encode_strjessicacavis@gmail.com

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