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North Texas Lyme Group (NTXLyme Group)

Dallas-Fort Worth

In-person meetings


The North Texas Lyme Support Group is a Christian-based independent organization acting as a local forum dedicated to providing education, outreach, and support to Lyme Disease sufferers and family members.

We meet monthly to listen to doctors and specialists, both conventional and non-conventional, who are knowledgeable regarding chronic Lyme disease and confections.

We encourage sufferers to get to know each other, share their present situations and obtain needed information. We desire our participants to leave meetings feeling a sense of comfort knowing they are not facing this struggle alone.

Both Christians and non-believers are welcome.

Disclaimer: We do not claim to be physicians, specialists or counselors, and do not provide medical advice or counseling, but are here to educate and provide support.

To find out more about times & location, visit

Group Facilitator: Martha Boykin, Founder

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