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My Chronic Lyme Disease Journey

by Dr. Bill Rawls Updated 6/14/24 Likely, you have come to this page in hopes of sorting out some of the confusion surrounding Lyme disease. What is Chronic Lyme Disease? And What Makes Me Qualified to Discuss It? There is so much controversy around this disease because most doctors don’t understand Lyme disease. Even many [...]

Boiling Point: The Lyme + Fibromyalgia + Chronic Fatigue Connection

by Dr. Bill Rawls Updated 6/24/22 The misery of chronic illness is very real. But if you’re the one who’s suffering, you know that those around you typically can’t see it or understand it — not family, friends, or even medical providers. They don’t know what it’s like: …to push through oppressive fatigue day after [...]

Leaky Gut Syndrome: Modern Causes + Natural Solutions to Overcome It

by Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 4/11/22 One of the biggest roadblocks to feeling your absolute best is restoring good digestive health. This is true for even the healthiest among us, but especially for those coping with a chronic illness like chronic Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, or myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). That’s because without normal digestion, [...]

Break Free from Fibromyalgia Naturally: Dr. Bill Rawls’ 6-Step Protocol

by Dr. Bill Rawls Updated 9/15/21 It’s difficult to truly understand the all-consuming fatigue and pain of fibromyalgia, which is sometimes sharp and acute and other times dull and aching, unless you’ve actually lived with it. It’s the kind of discomfort that typically comes after being thrown from a horse or taking your first boxing [...]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Natural Remedies That Work

by Dr. Bill Rawls Posted 9/7/18 As many as 20% of Americans feel that their lives are ruled by their bowels. Whether they’re constantly wrestling with diarrhea or constipation (or both), abdominal pain, embarrassing gas, or a number of other bowel-related symptoms, they tend to have to plan each moment of every day with a [...]

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