Ketogenic Diet — Dr. Rawls’ Ratings
Efficacy: 4 stars
Safety: 4 stars
Cost: 1 out of 5 dollar signs
Ways to Administer: Oral
Bottom Line: A nutrient-dense diet will provide your body with the fuel it needs to heal and restore.


The ketogenic diet is a dietary practice of severely restricting carbohydrates (<50 grams/day), forcing the body to convert from using glucose as a source of energy to using ketones from fats, which can be monitored by measuring your urinary ketones. There are a lot of good reasons to cut back on carbohydrates; they’re heavy contributors to disease in America.


I have spoken to many patients who haven’t been able to complete this diet due to its strict nature. Additionally, when they cut out carbohydrates, they tend to eat a lot more meat instead of vegetables, and a meat-laden diet generates a lot of toxins in the body, which, in my opinion, can be just as toxic as carbohydrates.

Rather than relying on ketones alone, I prefer a carb-neutral diet, where you don’t consume more carbs than you can burn off in a day. This type of diet is called the Vital Plan diet and includes eating lots of vegetables, healthy protein sources, fruits and berries, and limited carbohydrates.


Fad diets and trends can be difficult to sustain for months or years on end, and some can be harmful. The safest bet is to find a healthy, nutrient-dense eating plan you can stick with for life to provide your body with optimal fuel.


The cost is roughly the same as any other food you would buy.

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