Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) — Dr. Rawls’ Ratings
Efficacy: 1 stars
Safety: 1 stars
Cost: 1 out of 5 dollar signs
Ways to Administer: Oral preparation
Bottom Line: No studies exist to support the efficacy of MMS as a treatment for acute or chronic illnesses, and it may be toxic to the body.


Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is a chemical called chlorine dioxide, a close relative to household bleach. It’s a potent disinfectant, and among some of its uses are bleaching wood and disinfecting and purifying drinking water in many parts of the world. Over the years, health and wellness enthusiasts have made claims suggesting MMS is a “miracle cure” for everything from malaria to Lyme disease to cancer. However, no evidence exists to support treatment claims for Lyme disease or any other health condition.


While many health and wellness devotees allege benefits from this chemical agent, it’s important to note that there isn’t a shred of evidence to indicate it has merit for the treatment of any disease — acute or chronic. Most of the information is hearsay at best.


During my personal recovery journey, I wanted to learn more about it, so I ordered a bottle and tried it a couple of times at the recommended dosage on the product; the dose was similar to that of purifying water.

Unfortunately, the product was toxic to me — it burned my esophagus and caused a lot of discomfort in my stomach. Since then, I’ve learned this is a common complaint among people who have tried MMS, especially people who have attempted to use it regularly. Based on my experience and that of others, I would caution against using this product because there’s a risk you could cause damage to your intestinal tract.


It’s a relatively inexpensive product ($20 to $25), but again, due to the potential for harm, I’d cross this one off your list.

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