Rebounder Therapy — Dr. Rawls’ Ratings
Efficacy: 3 stars
Safety: 4 stars
Cost: 1 out of 5 dollar signs
Ways to Administer: jumping on a mini-trampoline, ideally with support bars.
Bottom Line: Rebounding is an excellent way to clear out the lymphatic system, and people often feel better after a session.


A rebounder is a small personal trampoline. Rebounding stimulates an integral part of your immune system called the lymphatic system, a vast drainage network of organs, vessels, and other structures throughout the body. Although it’s not a treatment for Lyme disease, rebounding is a reasonable-priced, supportive therapy that helps many people feel better.


Bouncing for 10-30 minutes per session gets your blood flowing, strengthens the autonomic nervous system, and increases lymphatic flow to support your body’s natural detoxification processes.


If engaging in exercise is a challenge, a rebounder provides a safe and low-impact way to get some exercise without the energy expenditure and physical demands required by more strenuous activities. Consider one with a support bar for extra safety precautions.


Most mini-trampolines can be purchased for $100 or less.

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