by Dr. Bill Rawls
Posted 11/23/22

It’s hard to scroll through social media or online support groups and not see someone touting the benefits of brain retraining. But is it really worth the money? Listen as Dr. Rawls explains the role brain retraining programs may have in healing, plus whether or not they’ll be an asset to your treatment. Read more about brain retraining and other ways to boost your brainpower here.

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Video Transcript

Question: Are brain retraining programs worth the money?

Dr. Rawls: Brain retraining. Now, the ones that are most common are DNRS or the Gupta program. These are programs that typically last 14 weeks or more, which is basically retraining your brain to function better to help you overcome just that.

You know, we get caught in this patterned neurological function of being chronically ill and all of these things, you know, our body and our brain get used to just that state.

So retraining your brain can help train you out of that and help you learn to control some of the symptoms, control anxiety, improve sleep. So there are just all kinds of benefits. The downside is you have to go through a pretty long program.

There are different variations of this. Definitely something to pay attention to. I think it’s definitely worthwhile for people who want to invest in that. Supportive, but good efficacy, good safety. Cost isn’t that bad compared to a lot of things. I think for most people, most courses are about $350. And some good support there.

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