People who’ve been dealing with Lyme for a while have probably heard about the rife machine. In the mid-1930s, an American scientist named Royal Raymond Rife developed a one-of-a-kind microscope capable of seeing bacilli, a class of bacteria that he believed contributed to many diseases, including cancer. Following his hypothesis, he created the Rife Frequency Generator, a machine he claimed could kill bacilli and diagnose and eradicate several illnesses using electrical impulses emitted by diseased tissues in the body. A short time later, The American Medical Association spoke out against Rife, halting further research into electrical therapies.

However, in the last 20 to 30 years, interest in rife therapy has increased, and stories of people seeing improvements in their health abound. But because it’s not approved by the FDA, there’s little research to support the therapy’s efficacy, and the devices are unregulated.

Though the potential for harm with Rife therapy appears to be low, it would be nice to see some evidence. I’m at a loss to explain how the technology specifically targets a few species of bacteria scattered among the other 40,000 different species of bacteria in the body.

Maybe it doesn’t actually kill bacteria? Maybe it works by stimulating immune cells in some way? That would be okay, but I would give it higher points for efficacy if the exact mechanisms of action were known. As it is, it’s a sizable upfront investment for a technology that hasn’t been well investigated and isn’t regulated.

Rife Therapy — Dr. Rawls’ Summary
Cost: 3 out of 5 dollar signs
Efficacy: 3 stars
Safety: 4 stars
Ways to Administer: Coil or a hand-held device
Bottom Line: I have some reservations because of the upfront cost and lack of evidence and regulation. With that said, the therapy appears to be quite safe.

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