by Dr. Bill Rawls
Posted 12/9/22

There’s little doubt that it takes time and patience to overcome persistent Lyme disease. Treatments can last months and even years, and depending on the approach, they can wreak havoc on your gut health. So is pulsing antibiotics one way to minimize the damage done to your digestive tract? Listen as Dr. Rawls explains the role pulsed antibiotics may have in combating Lyme disease-causing microbes and when to consider herbal therapy. Read all about Dr. Rawls’ journey to regain his health using natural therapies here.

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Video Transcript

Question: Are pulsed antibiotics helpful for Lyme?

Jenny Buttaccio: How do you feel about pulsing antibiotics? Is that a good treatment for Lyme?

Dr. Rawls: Yeah. I mean, people default to that. Again, I’m biased toward the herbs because the herbs work so well for me. And I did, in the beginning, try pulsing antibiotics, and I just got sick when I was on them, and then everything came back after I was off.

The herbs, you don’t have to pulse. And that’s the thing. You need to keep pressure on these microbes. You need to keep these, you know, the things that are being reactivated from your cells and are attacking other cells, you need to keep constant pressure on those things.

It takes months and really even years to completely wear them down. So if you pulse the antibiotics, yeah, you know, every time you use the antibiotics, you wipe out a significant part of the flora in your gut. Every single time. All it takes is 10 days to really do a number on any of the species or any of your really important normal flora species.

Probiotics can help, but you still do a number on them every single time. So pulsing the antibiotics gives your body a little bit of time to rebound, but it also gives time for the microbes to rebound, too.

Antibiotics do very little for cellular health. They really don’t help very much. So you know, when you look at, if you look at this problem, the way that I am looking at it and try to solve that problem with antibiotics, it’s just not a very good solution. That being said, you can use it. If you’re going to do it, use herbs with it. That might help prevent some of the bad bacteria from really resurging.

Dr. Rawls is a physician who overcame Lyme disease through natural herbal therapy. You can learn more about Lyme disease in Dr. Rawls’ new best selling book, Unlocking Lyme.
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