by Dr. Bill Rawls
Posted 1/5/22

When dealing with a combination of mold and Lyme disease, it can be difficult to know which therapies will help you tackle both problems. Can you treat the two conditions simultaneously, or do you need different protocols altogether? Listen as Dr. Rawls explains how the answer might be more straightforward than you’ve heard and what you can do about it. Get more tips on how to reduce your exposure to mold and mycotoxins here.

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Video Transcript

Question: Do I need to do separate treatments for mold and Lyme?

Jenny Buttaccio: Do I need to do separate treatments if I’ve been diagnosed with mold?

Dr. Rawls: Not necessarily separate treatments. You just need to get the mold out of your life. And you know, Jenny, I know you’ve been through that. I went through that. You know, mold can be a big factor because, you know, when you’re exposed to the mycotoxins, chronically, it is disrupting cellular health.

It’s basically poisoning your cells so they can’t work as well. And when you weaken your cells, that’s what allows these microbes to reactivate. So this chronic, this chronic exposure to mycotoxins disrupts immune system functions, disrupts cellular functions, and it can really hamper your recovery.

So the solution for that, the most important solution is you have to get the mold out of your life. You have to find some way to reduce your exposure to mycotoxins. And I won’t go into great detail and how to do that. There are a number of articles that we have published on RawlsMD that, you know, you can get some really good information. There’s information in the book about that. But the bottom line is, you have to clear it out of your environment.

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